Harrisburg OBGYN

The best asset you can have in your personal wellness care is a provider that you can trust. This person or practice can be your first line of defense, giving you access to resources for prevention, up-to-date awareness of your condition, and the best treatment options. An OBGYN is the only doctor that many women see every year. In every situation, even if you’re in perfect health, it’s important that you choose your doctor carefully.

Annual Gynecologic Exams

To stay on top of their reproductive health, women require yearly exams that include a pelvic exam, a breast exam, and screenings for common diseases. These should begin at age 21, or at the beginning of sexual activity. Even if you are not sexually active and don’t need disease screening, it is wise to have regular general exams to rule out disorders that occur independently of sexual contact.

Why Visit your Harrisburg OBGYN Every Year?

The most important reasons to visit your Harrisburg OBGYN every year for an annual exam are early detection and proactive prevention. By identifying problems early, you can prevent unnecessary pain, complications, and expense. When your Harrisburg OBGYN stays up to date on your condition, changes that could signal problems can be noticed quickly and dealt with as soon as they occur. Simply by keeping up on your annual exams, you can significantly reduce your risk for advanced diseases and disorders. While you can’t rule out every problem, you can make sure to detect early and treat aggressively.

Harrisburg OBGYN Treatment & Management

Visiting your Harrisburg OBGYN isn’t just about avoiding disease or ensuring smooth pregnancies. The course of a woman’s life is marked by several important and significant transitions that involve both physical and emotional changes. In every era and in many cultures, women have been forced to deal with these changes on their own and with few resources. But today’s truth is that you don’t have to face your first period, a period of infertility, a sexually transmitted disease, or menopause alone. Our doctors understand what you’re facing and have a wealth of options to make your experience more bearable. Don’t wait until you notice symptoms to make an appointment. Find a doctor you trust and can talk to openly at Woodward & Associates. We’ll care for you like family.