Geriatric Gynecology

Most women know the importance of regular gynecologic care during their menstruating years. After menopause, however, may be the time when you find your OBGYN to be the most valuable. Many later-life conditions related to gynecology can be prevented, treated, or resolved with the help of a caring specialist. Our approach to Geriatric Gynecology at Woodward & Associates is to not only to detect problems early and keep you well, but also to improve the quality of your everyday life.

The Absence of Estrogen

Much of the discomfort experienced by a woman throughout her lifetime can be linked to female hormones. It might be surprising, but this is still true even long after menopause. As part of the menopause transition, the ovaries stop releasing the hormone estrogen, which plays a significant role in the female reproductive system. Reduced hormone levels can lead to symptoms similar to PMS, plus hot flashes, vaginal atrophy, and an array of other conditions.

Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one of the more significant risks faced by women during and after menopause. Since your OBGYN regularly monitors your bone density, we are likely to be the first doctor to identify any bone loss that occurs. With our vast experience in geriatric gynecology, we are well equipped to help you take proactive steps to prevent or hold off loss the of bone density. If you have already developed Osteoporosis, we can help you decide what type of lifestyle changes, exercise, prescription medication, or hormone treatment will work best for you.

Kind Hearts & Open Minds

While our culture has become more open about the topic of menopause, what happens as women continue to age is rarely discussed. Many women have no idea what to expect, and this prevents them from taking steps that could reduce risk and discomfort later in life. At Woodward & Associates, we respect your privacy. We understand that these symptoms are difficult to accept, experience, and discuss. By encouraging an open dialogue, we can help you be better prepared, understand the ongoing changes, and improve your experience. We’re devoted to providing the best gynecologic care at every point in your life.