Our practice takes an individualized, big-picture approach to gynecology and obstetrics. Ideally, our relationship with you will span multiple stages of your life and make significant transitions easier. But even if you only visit us once, we hope that you have the kind of positive experience that inspires you to demand more from your health-care providers. We have devoted a page of our website to Diagnostics and Treatment because we believe our approach makes us a special medical practice.

Diagnostics at Our Practice

Too often in modern medicine diagnostics gets sidelined and treated as a formality.  At Woodward & Associates, we believe you can only get the best treatment if you first get a spot-on diagnosis.

Though we’d like to believe it never happens, incorrect diagnoses lead to unnecessary expense, senseless surgeries, and a waste of your most valuable asset – time. We understand that the conditions we treat and the services we offer have a real impact on your life, so we take diagnostics very seriously. We are thorough, we demand attention to detail, and every member of our team believes in our mission of treating every patient like we would a member of our own family.

Treatment at Our Practice

You will likely find your treatment options at Woodward & Associates to be more flexible than you’ve encountered with other providers. From our point of view, if a treatment won’t work for your life, or if it conflicts with your personal priorities, then it’s not a realistic solution. It’s important to us that we know your perspective, that we prioritize the things that are most important to you, and that your treatment plan can realistically be carried out.

If you feel like your doctor isn’t listening to you, that your opinion doesn’t matter, or that you’re not getting the attention you deserve, visit Woodward & Associates. Our connection with our clients is something we’re proud to say makes us a different type of OBGYN practice.