Birth Control

Hormonal birth control is a very effective means of contraception, but it also has many other applications beyond preventing pregnancy. Hormonal Birth Control can be used to manage hormone levels that can impact a woman’s health and quality of life at any age.

Hormonal Birth Control as Contraception

The most common use of birth control is to aid in family planning and prevent unplanned pregnancy. Beyond helping you choose the right birth control options, we are here to provide resources and facilitate decision-making at every step in your family’s development. We take the time to make sure you understand the choices available to you, the different ways that different contraceptives work.

By choosing your method of birth control carefully, we can reduce the risk of problems and preserve your ability to start a family should you want to do so down the line.

Hormonal Birth Control to Manage Menstruation

Some women seek hormonal birth control primarily to reduce the disruption to their lives caused by monthly periods. While most women experience relatively mild discomfort and irritability that accompany menstruation, some face debilitating cramps, heavy bleeding, digestive issues, or even migraines with each monthly cycle.

Other Benefits of Birth Control

Hormonal Birth Control, when carefully selected, can be an effective way of balancing hormones and preventing symptoms that are disruptive to everyday life. There’s no reason to go through life battling with severe pain, heavy bleeding, and digestion problems on a monthly basis. Our doctors are expert physicians who understand all the birth control options available and the situations in which they are most effective.

Birth Control Options at Woodward & Associates

When you seek birth control options at our practice, you will receive a thorough evaluation to rule out risk factors and find the best solution for you. Whether you seek hormone therapy for contraceptive purposes or general health benefits, we can help you choose the most effective method with the lowest risk. In every case, we consider possibilities that include oral contraceptives, injection therapy, pain management, and implantable devices. At every age and every stage in the growth of your family, we can help you make informed decisions and be comfortable with your reproductive health.