Repeated Miscarriage

Of all the conditions and situations we see in our practice, repeated miscarriage is among the most difficult. While infertility is an often-traumatic problem that prevents a couple from becoming pregnant, repeated miscarriage is among the hardest problems a couple can face.

  • Chromosomal Miscarriage — This is the most common cause of miscarriage, accounting for more than half of unsuccessful pregnancies. The fetus does not develop properly on a genetic level and cannot be carried to term.
  • Illnesses, including Diabetes, Heart or Kidney Disease, Thyroid disorders, infections, or high blood pressure
  • Uterine problems including fibroids and abnormal physical development
  • Auto-immune disorders that cause your body to respond to the baby as though it were an infection

Miscarriage actually occurs in 15 to 20% of all pregnancies, and it usually takes place during the first trimester. Regardless of how many miscarriages you have had, the possibility may remain for you to carry a baby to term.

Consult a Trusted Resource

Diagnosing the cause of repeated miscarriage involves an array of specialized tests. At Woodward & Associates, we put our diagnostic expertise and technology to work to find the cause of your problem. Then we evaluate the options to find the most likely way for you to have a successful pregnancy. Whatever your family planning goals are, you can find expert guidance and personalized options at Woodward & Associates.