Ultrasounds and Pregnancy

While ultrasounds can be used to diagnose a vast array of conditions and ailments, their use in pregnancy might be their most well-known role. You’ve probably seen an ultrasound or a print-out of one depicting the development of a pregnancy. Obstetric Ultrasounds are used to confirm pregnancy, to monitor the development of the baby, and to pinpoint any issues that could cause complications.

A Picture of Your Pregnancy

Ultrasound technology gives you and your doctor a clear view of your baby’s development at every stage of pregnancy. A great deal of information can be gained using regular ultrasounds. The specialists at our practice have extensive experience taking and reading ultrasounds. Their expertise increases the likelihood that important developments will be monitored and that no small change will go unnoticed. By continuously monitoring your pregnancy, we can help you have a smoother pregnancy with lower risk of complications.

Keeping Your Care Personal

The training and expertise of the person analyzing an ultrasound is just as important as the quality of the imaging. The results of your Pelvic Ultrasound are analyzed by members of our team who are directly involved in your care. At Woodward & Associates, our physicians are accredited by the AIUM for first trimester and gynecologic ultrasounds.