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Screening for Ovarian Cancer

I get so many patients asking about ovarian cancer how they can be screened for it.

Ovarian cancer is the number one cause of death from a gynecologic malignancy in this country.  That being said, ovarian cancer is very rare, thankfully.  The lifetime risk of a woman in the US developing ovarian cancer is less than 2%.  It is such a scary cancer because [...]

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Do you juice? Do you know what that means? Juice is now not only a noun, it’s a verb too.

My husband and I watch a ton of documentaries (we are so easily swayed) and got hooked on the juicing idea. We don’t eat many fruits and vegetables and we thought this would be a great way to incorporate them into our diet. But what are the [...]

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You Ask Your Harrisburg OBGYN, We Answer!

Our office is starting something new: a different blog written by a doc twice a month. I’ve never blogged before. I always wanted to be the physician who answers the questions in the Vogue or Cosmo column “Ask Your Gyno.” That being said, I will always be interested in your questions. If you have a topic that interests you, let me know! I’d be happy to blog about it.